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Face Fuck and Damaged Balls

Banged till The lady Cums

Cock and Balls in Trouble

Posted in CBT on March 17th, 2014

Michelle Lacy, Eden Alexandrea and Kimmylee have a male bitch bound in a precarious positions. His hands are restrained over his head, suspending him just to the tips of his toes. The bitch’s cock and balls are locked into a wooden vice before him. His balls are covered in clothes pins. The ladies are amused with this vulnerable position. How helpless the slut is to protect his balls. The ladies take riding crops to the sluts balls and smack a few clothes pins off his aching nipples. After the clothes pins are gone, Eden takes a few more whacks at his aching and swollen balls with her riding ride. The ladies are simply glowing as they enjoy torturing this helpless slut.







Amadahy RULES tiny dick

Posted in Femdom, Strap on on February 21st, 2014

FULL LENGTH * DVD* Amadahy summons tiny dick for a second round. This time she not only has wrestling on her mind but a bit more in regard to taking away the two inch masculinity he delusionally holds onto. The stunning Goddess Amadahy begins by stretching her perfect feet and strong arms. She is smiling as she knows she is going to utterly humiliate tiny dick. What follows is a series of sadness for all men with big egos and small cocklets. She wrestles him fair and square, putting him, expertly in scissor holds, taking him down beyond the point he can even hope to “tap out.” She completely rules him on the mat, choking him with her strong thighs until his face is beat read. Amadahy loves the physical and emotional power she has over this tiny dick loser. She notices that he is actually sporting a 2 inch woody. This amuses her greatly. She makes the little slut stroke his short dicklet as she keeps him in a full nelson. Ha ha. Would that small amount of spermlet even fill up a tea spoon? Probably not! Just when tiny dick thinks his absolute humiliation is over, Amadahy drags him by the pool, straps on a thick black cock and fucks him in his man pussy until he cries. Oh, goes this stunning Goddess rule over pathetic men!







Wild Ride

Posted in Femdom, Strap on on February 19th, 2014

Goddess Brianna and Emmanuel London enjoy emasculating their bitch boy with their thick strap on cocks. The taunt their slut through his cage, lashing their dicks so he knows what is coming. Then they drive their dicks into the slut’s ass and mouth, making him beg for every inch. The ladies delight in taking this slut’s manhood as they go for a wild ride in his man pussy. For additional emasculation, Brianna ties the slut’s balls up with a rope and holds the slut in place, putting new meaning into have a male bitch “by the balls.





Milking the Caged Bitch

Posted in Femdom on February 13th, 2014

Mistress Harley and Jamie Valentine milk a caged slave. As slut spills his male filth the ladies begin to laugh. They catch his cum in a spoon and force feed him every drop.





How to Train a Husband

Posted in CBT, Femdom, Strap on on February 11th, 2014

Raven has become fed up with her husband’s insensitive ways. She seeks out a marriage counselor that is “Female Sensitive.” Armed with an alternative approach to marital relations, Raven introduces her husband in an entirely new way of thinking. She begins by putting his balls in a vice and whipping his cock and balls. Then she straps on a thick black cock and drives it down his throat. She admires the way her husband looks with a cock in his mouth. Raven then throws him over the bed and nails him in the ass. Raven is getting off on the new found power she has over her husband as she fucks his man pussy long and hard. Then, just when her husband doesn’t think he can be any more humbled, she puts him on his knees and demands that he worship her boots. When her husband actually springs a wood over this, she laughs and makes him jerk off on her boots. She smiles as he licks up his mess.




Ball Busting Handjob

Posted in CBT on February 4th, 2014

Mistress Kimylee and Goddess Brianna strap a male bitch into a bondage chair. The ladies are feeling particularly sadistic and begin tormenting this helpless slut. They stroke his cock, forcing him to become hard. Brianna laughs as the slut becomes rock hard. She takes him right to the edge and then stops. The slave is terrified. He knows that if he shoots his male filth, the ladies will kick him in the balls. He tries to hold back but is no match for their soft hands. Sure enough, as soon as the slut cums, BAM! Brianna nails him right in the balls with full force. What a way to ruin an orgasm!




Slave Balls R Purple Balls

Posted in CBT, Femdom, Spanking on January 31st, 2014

Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kimlyee are in the mood for cock and ball torture. The ladies pull a male bitch out of his cage and begin to tell him about his pending punishment. As the slave cowers and trembles, the ladies smile at each other. This is going to be a fun little bitch to torment. The ladies put the slut behind a pony cart and demand that he pull them to the cbt device. Once there, the ladies lock the slut’s worthless cock and balls up tightly and lay in with crops and clothes pins. The male bitch is nearly melting down as his balls are being destroyed but is spared no mercy. The punishment will not stop until his balls are a solid shade of purple.




Slave Balls R Purple Balls

Jessica And Kendra Whip The Bitch

Posted in Caning, Spanking on January 28th, 2014

Kendra James and Jessica Rayne love whipping a bitch. The Mistress beat the slave to a pulp till his back is left in shreads. The Mistress’s use their whips to lash the bitches back with cruel repeated strokes. The Mistress show no remorse as the slave cries for mercy. The Mistress make him beg for more the more he cries out in pain. The slaves cries are drowned out by the Mistress laugh’s as they non stop crack there whips. The slave is left with a back and ass of decorated in welts.




Tug Of Balls

Posted in CBT on December 4th, 2013

Kendra,Elana, and Kimmy have two slaves across from each other with a rope tied to each others balls. Kendra has devised a game to amuse her and the other Mistress’s. The game is tug off balls. Whoever wins is allowed to cum. The slaves have no choice if they want to participate in the game or not. The slaves are in excruciating pain as they tug on each others balls. Finally one slave wins and is allowed to cum. The Mistress’s force the winner to jerk off in front of them and clean up his man filth of the floor with his tongue.




Tug Of Balls

The Cock Boys

Posted in Strap on on November 30th, 2013

Two cock loving slaves are forced Mistress Kendra and Mistress Esmi’s big black cocks deep in there throats. The slaves must lube up the Mistress’s cocks so they will go just a bit smoother in there man pussies. The cock boys love there Mistress’s cock and spread there asses for there gorgeous Mistress’s. The Cock boys take the cocks deep in there ass and cry in pain. The Mistress are brutal and have no problem tearing and stretching there man man pussies. The cock boys take there Mistress’s strap-ons whether they enjoy it or not. The cocks boys will take there Mistress’s cock anyway they can to please there there Mistress’s





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