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Face Fuck and Damaged Balls

Banged till The lady Cums

Megan Jones Multiply Filled Cuck‏

Posted in Strap on on February 9th, 2015

Mistress Megan Jones today has got 3 bitches to Control. The lady bends one over and shoves her massive 12″ebony strap on up his guy cunt as the lady has the other two males shove his mouth full of hard dick. “That’s perfect bitch it’s a 3-way fuckfest. You much better learn to enjoy the taste of sperm and the really feel of a massive dick extending out your pussy. From today on this is going to be your place in everyday life. Becoming my blowjob slut and small ass screw bitch.”





Satisfying Their own Mistresses

Posted in Femdom, Latex on January 29th, 2015

Lady Kyile Rogue and Mistress Nicki Ortaga are becoming very nasty this evening. Great thing they own a couple of pathetic slaves which their entire living revolves about satisfying and doing every thing they are informed for their Goddesses. Initially they make these 2 useless bitches smell and appear at their tight pussies and tease them until they are trembling. Simply as these two useless slaves believe they could get happy, MIstress Nicki and Goddess Kylie take out two chindos to strap on their bang holes. They push their heads back and forth in their small red pussies telling them that this is as close as you will ever be to screwing this goddess’s pussy. Basically suffocating their slaves with their butts as they bang their faces, Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki start to achieve orgasm. Right after they are completed with these two screw toys, Mistress Nicki and Mistress Kylie shove there dildoed faces off and tell them to crawl back again to their own cages with the chindos still hanging from their screw holes.





Extending Your own Guy Cunt (Strap On)

Posted in Strap on on January 22nd, 2015

Empress Kylie Rouge and Lady Nikki Ortega get their own 3 slaves caged around their lovely pool on the clubdom house and they’re wanting to determine which bitch they desire to fuck who’s man cunt will they extend out today Kylie asks Bitch number 1 if he wishes to receive an butt impact of course the slut response of course goddess the ladies move around and get the bitch from his crate then teach him to lube up their huge TWELVE inch strapon penis he sucks it such as a pussy Thus Kylie pulls the bitch back again takes her cig and Burns it in his chest as he screams and the ladies have fun after that she just bends the bitch above and starts to ass pound him shoving her huge dark TWELVE inch cock up his rectum as Mistress Nikki chokes his whorry mouth.





69 the male Slave

Posted in Strap on on January 7th, 2015

Goddess Coral and Empress Alexis have just completed spanking a bitch. The whipping have become the girls very hot and nasty. Right now they would like a small actions. Coral bends the slave around and begins pumping his butt complete of her strap on dick. As the girl rides the bitch’s butt Alexis holds the slave by the back of his head and makes him to please her using a dildo strapped to his face. Alexis screw the slut’s face.Coral fucks his butt. Alexis places her palm on the slut’s head and keeps him lower. He will not be completed till there is sperm dripping down her feet. That slave is in for a very long evening.





Whorry Balls Get Exhausted

Posted in Femdom on December 12th, 2014

Empress Kylie Rogue and Lady Dava Fox get their slave controlled to the milking seat today. They explain to the bitch it’s moment to drain these balls and that he much better make a massive load simply because it is the just protein he will be having for the next 30 days. Empress Kylie strongly strokes his horrible slut stick as Mistress Dava comments exactly how painful the bitches nuts tend to be. At last the pathetic bitch squirts a huge load of male filth. Mistress Dava grabs some in her glove and then makes the servant consume each last drop





Go Retrieve Bitch (Raw Caning)

Posted in Caning, Spanking, Whipping on November 27th, 2014

Empress Kylie Rogue and Lady Jamie Valentine are sadistic and offer their male bitch a serious caning. Getting the dog howl and bark like a . His butt is after that used as target training for their caning strategy. Following his butt is raw and red they make the dog grate them for the raw caning. They place their canes and tell the male bitch to get smiling as he crawls away after the canes..




Sadistic Excitement (Spanking)

Posted in Caning, Spanking, Whipping on November 18th, 2014

Jean Bardot likes hitting her bitch. This lady and Alexis Grace have got a men’s bitch chained to a woods. The girls get as much enjoyment in caning the bitch as they do in seeing the dog suffer. Right after the bitch has got hard repeated cane strokes Jean runs her hand above the slut’s welted butt. The lady laughs as she feels the heat right via her leather gloves.





Butt Slave Gets Fucked

Posted in Strap on on September 1st, 2014

Mistress Brianna enjoys taking a servant of his manhood. The lady begins by requiring her servant suck her strap on cock. She would like her dick heavy throated. The girl shocks the slut’s balls with an electrical remote to make sure he really does a great work. After that she sets him over a spanking horse and slides her massive dick in the bitch’s butt. Brianna has a great time riding the bitch’s butt as she bangs his balls. The lady sets the slave on his backside and begins stroking his penis as she pushes his butt. Brianna is going to get this slut ejaculate when she is screwing him. The bitch is horrified as Brianna pulls and ejaculation right out of the dog. She a laugh that he just arrived with a penis in his ass. After that she push eats the slave his own cum.






Punished balls

Posted in CBT on August 23rd, 2014

Mistress Megan Jones is so ashamed with her useless slut’s balls which she set outs to eliminate them all. The lady crops and smacks the bitch’s balls till these are change violet. After that she change the bitch’s dick such as it is a pretzle. Now there may be no healing for this slut’s horrible manhood.





Entertained by his Hurting

Posted in Spanking, Whipping on August 21st, 2014

 Jean Bardot seems to have a scared slut put upside down using his hands tied up to this balls. The lady circles the servant, cheerful as he trembles. The lady laughs and then unleashes a raw whipping on this slut’s back part. When Jean has shredded his back with her one tail she runs her long nails over his new welts.








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